Questions and Answers about Microfiber Cleaning Pads

Is it safe to use microfiber pads for cleaning game systems?

Question: Like using one of those pads for cleaning your glasses on the Wii or PS3 or will this cause static damage or scratches?

Answer: yah they should be alright but i recommend using a soft damp wash cloth and/or paper towel

10 Alternative Uses for Vinegar

10 Alternative Uses for Vinegar

Italy - 23 Jun 13 - Simone Gie

Vinegar’s uses go well beyond dressing your salad. From a screen-cleaner to a hair conditioner, we’ve selected ten of this versatile ingredient’s thousands of uses. In general, white distilled vinegar is a fantastic all-round household cleanser , effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs due to its level of acidity. More tips on this cheap and smart way to avoid using harsh chemicals here.

1. As a hair conditioner .

Microfiber Cleaning Pads News

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As our sibling website the Consumerist reports, there are plenty of other items you can use instead of the actual Swiffer pads, including pads you can knit or sew together, microfiber cloth, paper towels, old socks, cloth diapers, worn washcloths, and ...

Hardwood cleaning pads gets into the groove with multi-layers
Consumers want even faster, easier ways to clean and protect hardwood floors without compromising what's safe for the floors," says Chad Nordhagen, director of marketing, Bona US. "While many consumers remain loyal to the microfiber pad, our consumers ...

KAY Program Provides Effective Cleaning Solutions for QSR Upscale Décor ...
The new program features six cleaners, a convenience caddy, no-scratch cleaning pads and microfiber cloths, developed specifically to help clean a wider range of surfaces. “Many QSR locations are upgrading their interiors to improve customer comfort ...

Give your iPad Air a Splash of Color with These Sleek Cases
Their updated design features bold colors, and an integrated magnetic design, a self-cleaning microfiber interior, and all over protection. The Magnefix Bookcase is made from high-grade polycarbonate exterior and a microfiber interior. The cover is ...

Slope And Slope Mini Are Two Of The Most Amazing iPad Stands You'll Ever See
Slope And Slope Mini Are Two Of The Most Amazing iPad Stands You'll Ever See Slope for 10 inch tablets is priced $59.99 and it also ships immediately. Along with the stands, two protective film covers for the pads and one microfiber towel for cleaning is also included. Slope And Slope Mini Are Two Of The Most Amazing iPad ...